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What does AYR mean?

We aim to provide access to luxury self-care products to all, every day.

So, AYR Luxe to us means:

  • All Year Round Luxury
  • Always Your Right (to) Luxe
  • Anything Your Require Luxe

…and so on.

Our Products

We want to offer the most effective skincare and wellness products. We love the new “clean beauty” movement and carry products that fall into this (so far) nebulous category. Yet we’re also fascinated by what science can do to help us look vibrant and avoid invasive cosmetic procedures for as long as possible.

We are passionate about the products we carry and believe that no matter what beauty benefit you’re seeking, you will find it here.

Just the Facts

AYR Luxe journey began in 2001. We had gone through a number of transitions and then narrowed our efforts on skin care in 2014.

We are based in Toronto, Canada.

You can always reach a human to discuss your skin care needs.

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