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Five Fall Skincare Tips

1. Shorten Your Showers

Long showers can strip away essential oils your body creates to keep your skin from drying out. Stick to shorter, less warm showers when the weather starts to get cooler.

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2. Exfoliate

As the days turn colder, your skin will start losing moisture quicker and skin cell turn over slows down, and this can cause flaky skin. As well, to protect from colder weather, your body will work overtime to produce more oil, leading to clogged pores. Use an exfoliant to remove dry skin on your face and body.

3. Hydrate Consistently

To keep your skin happy and healthy, keep it hydrated. Beyond drinking water, use a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. Our Moisturizer section is split into sections by skin types to help you find the right moisturizer for your skin and desired benefit, such as anti-aging, hydration, sensitive skin, etc.

4. Use a Gentler Cleanser

Harsh cleansers may remove protective oils in excess. Use a milder cleanser in winter, such as the foam type, micellar-based products, and wipes.

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5. Don’t Forget the Lips

Lips often go neglected until they cause discomfort. Yet, lips are the only part of your skin that doesn’t have oil glands or pores. That makes them much more likely to dry out, especially in the colder fall and winter months. Use a quality lip product to moisturize and protect your lips. Most of our lip products are unscented. They mainly vary in the degree of protection from harsh elements and the finish (glossy vs matte).

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Bonus Tip: Have Fun and Enjoy the Gifts of the Season

Having fun and enjoying yourself does great things for your well-being and appearance! Happy is a good look on anyone. Skin? Well, we can help with that.

Juvena of Switzerland, Ultimate Anti-Aging Skin Care

Juvena of Switzerland is a Swiss luxury skin care creator, founded in 1954.

We like to say: if you love Cellcosmet and La Prairie, you will adore Juvena. And we don’t say it lightly: there’s a strong connection between Juvena and La Prairie. For two decades until 2010, Juvena was a part of Beiersdorf AG, the same company that owns La Prairie. In fact, La Prairie Group oversaw Juvena during that partnership. No doubt, a lot of the same science went into both product lines, and we would be hard-pressed to say which one came first.

What we do know is that Juvena has a history spanning over 60 years, with many “firsts” in skin care. The brand, originally developed by dermatologists, was always ahead of the pack. You are likely familiar with some of Juvena’s innovations. Juvena was:

  • The first to start adding sun protection to their day creams back in the sixties,
  • The first to utilize vitamin E in skin care, and
  • Helped to pioneer the use of Coenzyme Q10, to this date being used in the Nivea line (owned by Beiersdorf AG).

But Juvena’s biggest claim to fame and an innovation with the most dramatic results is the SkinNova SC Technology which combines two elements:

  1. SkinNova, an ingredient based on regenerative skin medicine first used on burn patients, and
  2. A proprietary peptide that activates the skin’s own stem cells (“SC” in the name SkinNova SC), creating fresh new skin, with results in 28 to 60 days.

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